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Junior Boarder

Eugene--where to stay?

#52025 3 years ago
Does anyone know where a good hotel/motel within walking distance of Cuthbert would be? Also, is there camping/car or otherwise happening here?

Thanks in advance,

"Sometimes a great Notion"
Platinum Boarder

Re: Eugene--where to stay?

#52136 3 years ago
i canceled my room at la quinta it was a half mile from the venue...that was a week or two ago though...wouldn't hurt to try...

we'll be on the rv at a local campground within 5 mi
who else is gonna bring you, a broken arrow?
Fresh Boarder

Re: Eugene--where to stay?

#52395 3 years ago
I was set up at Armitage Campground north of Eugene, but the lack of showers drove me to change it for
Richardson, on Fern Ridge Lake. Seems like a nice place.
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