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gas rider from nor cal

#50268 3 years, 2 months ago
i live in mendocino and have an old 1970 chevy truck so i usually hitch to shows, but i would love to see the shows at the greek and then monterey. i was goin to eugene then come back home and chilll till monterey, but if some someone could give me a ride from L.A. to monterey, i would totally rather see that run of shows. i have gas money, and a 215 and good pot, im 32 not a junkie or alchoholic. anyway, i have friends in s.f. that i could stay with after monterey and would give me a ride home. so basically if anyone has rooom for one person in their vehical from the greek to monterey hit me up,
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ill give you my phone number and we can talk and see if we can work something out.
if not ill probably just end up at eugene and monterey, which aint that bad, but i have never been to the greek, and i am itchin to see some so. cal. sun.
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